What we do

Zentech Consulting Pty Ltd is a boutique IT consulting company focused on cloud computing solutions.

Cloud Transformation

Bring your business to the cloud - It's the best time ever

One stop IT solutions

We have complete solutions customised to your needs

IT Consulting

Website, software, services, automation - we have it all

Development projects

Outsource your IT projects - start saving time and money

Drop us a message or give us a call today to find out how your business will benefit from cloud technologies.

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Why choose Zentech

It's the details that make all the difference

  • Iterative approach

    Start with the essentials and build step by step

  • Customisation

    Your product, your call

  • Long term support

    We look after you as you grow

  • Evolving Architecture

    A living IT infrastructure that evolves with new technologies

How can we help your business

Your trusted IT development team

  • For Enterprise

    Your external IT team for the best flexibility

    Cloud Transforamtion

  • For Small Business

    Modernise your IT solutions with cloud based technologies

  • For Startups

    Customised solutions

    Grow with your business